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  At Washworld Wairau we have 9 drive through Car Washing Bays, 5 Vacuum & Shampoo Bays
and 5 Vacuum & Fragrance Bays offering you a range of Self-Serve Wash options.

Washworld Wairau self-serve and autowash equipment uses quality USA Turtle Wax cleaning
Note & Coin Changer Machine:
The Note & Coin Changer Machine is programmed to change NZ
$20, $10, $5, $2, 50c, 20c and 10c into $1 and $2 coins. All wash
bays and vacuums accept NZ $1 and $2 coins.
  Wash Bays:
All Wash Bays are equipped with High Pressure water blaster "Guns"
with a range of chemical cleaning and finishing options and
purpose designed Foaming Brushes. All equipment is easy to use
and can be used for cleaning not only vehicles but anything mobile
and able to fit within a, caravans, trailers, motorbikes,
small buses, BBQ's and much more.

  Option 1: Low Pressure Pre-Soak
  Pre-Soak is a concentrated soap mix you cover your vehicle in to soften road grime and dirt, before
using the Foaming Brush.

  Option 2: Tyre & Engine Cleaner
  Tyre and Engine Cleaner is a strong chemical degreaser which breaks down grease, oil and dust on
your engine and loosens road grime and brake dust on your mag wheels and tyres. Apply Engine
and Tyre Cleaner, allow to soak, then rinse off with High Pressure Soap or Rinse options.

  Option 3: High Pressure Soap
  High Pressure Hot Soap (more water, with less soap) is for general dirt, dust, mud and lime splashes.
Squeeze the trigger on the water blaster Gun to get High Pressure.

  Option 4: Foaming Brush
  The Foaming Brush is a purpose designed brush with a long reach handle which makes cleaning
rooftops, vans and larger vehicles easy. Always rinse the Foaming Brush before using and ensure the
foam is flowing when washing your vehicle, to prevent scratching the paintwork.

  Option 5: Rinse
  Rinse off the vehicle with high pressure water, work from the top of the car down.

  Option 6: Hot Turtle Wax
  Spray all paint surfaces with the Hot Turtle Wax using high pressure (squeeze the trigger). Then finish with the Spot Free Rinse to remove excess wax deposits.

  Option 7: Spot Free Rinse
  Spraying the entire vehicle with Spot Free Rinse purified and filtered water gives a finish free of
"water spots". This is especially good for new or dark coloured vehicles.

  Vacuums/Shampoo & Fragrances:
All vacuums have powerful twin motors which give extra suction
with wide nozzles to make vacuuming quick & easy.

- A combination Vacuum & Shampoo machine is available to help
clean carpets and upholstery by firstly scrubbing with the Shampoo
Brush, then Vacuuming away the foam and dirt.

- A combination Vacuum & Fragrance machine is available to provide
a scented fragrance and freshener for vehicle interiors for after
vacuuming. Spray Fragrance Gun under seats, on mats and carpets.
The Fragrances come in three flavours - Whild Cherry, Pina Colada
and New Car.

  There is a variety of Vending Products available.

- TYRES | Black Jack
- SCENTS | Californian Scent Hangouts - Laguna Breeze, Shasta Strawberry & Monterey Vanilla
- DETAILING | Armorall & Vinyl Plus
- DRYING | Thirsty Blue Towel
- WINDOW CARE | Glass Cleaner & Never Fog