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  At Washworld Wairau we have a Hi-Velocity Roll-Over Brush Wash.
Offering you a range of wash options starting from as little as $8.
No brushes or rollers.

The Hi-Velocity Spray Arch circles your vehicle applying soap cycles and then blasting the
dirt at high pressure. You can choose from the $10 "Splash & Dash" single pass wash;
the $12 "Super Wash" with the double pass, clear coat protectant and dryer
or the $14 "Ultimate Wash" with the underbody and side panel blast, double pass,
triple-colour conditioner, clear coat protectant and dryer.

Please note that a $1 surcharge will apply for the credit card use if selected
  Hi-Velocity Roll-Over Brush Wash Hours:
  The Roll-Over Brush Wash is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and has an
automatic entry system on site.
The entry system accepts notes and coins.